The submission portal will open in February of 2019 and further instructions on how to use the portal will be posted then. You will need to submit 1) your technical report, 2) your video, and 3) your project feature so make sure to have those ready and finalized before you submit. Incomplete submissions will not be judged.

Write Your Technical Report

Your technical report should detail the why, how, and so what of your project. This is your opportunity to showcase all the hard work you've put into designing and building your project. In your report, make sure to include the sections outlined below under clearly delineated headers to title the four different sections.

Your report should be single-spaced, contain page numbers, and should be a maximum of 10 pages (not including the appendix) in length. For your report, you need to include all of the sections mentioned above and clearly title the four different sections. Please also include a cover page (the first page of your report) with your project title, your YouTube video link, your and/or your team members' names, and your school name(s). Please do not provide any contact information in your report. 


Provide a brief introduction to your technology and how you believe it addresses your chosen theme. You might also consider addressing why you believe your chosen theme is important to society and how your technology improves upon the current state of your topic. Make sure you clearly explain your theme's subtopic here. For example, if you picked "Intelligent Technology" and you want to focus on prosthetics, make sure you clearly explain what prosthetics are, problems with current prosthetics, and which of these problems you designed your technology to solve.

Technology Summary

This is where you want to provide as much technical detail as possible to explain how your proposed solutionactually works and provides an improvement to your chosen theme. If you prototyped something, provide labeled diagrams and explain the underlying scientific processes to your technology. If you programmed something, explain the algorithms you used and, if necessary, show samples of your code. After you clearly explain how all parts of your technology function, wrap up your summary by reiterating the major purpose of your project and how you addressed your topic. You may want to mention again how you addressed the issues with the current state of your topic.


For your results section, focus on not how your technology works, but how well it works. Here you want to show numerical values, data analysis, and quantitative comparisons you conducted. The point of this section is to show both quantitatively and qualitatively the success of your project in accomplishing what you set out to. For example, if you were programming a neural network to diagnose a disease, you would want to show what your accurate classification rate was, how that compares to existing methods of diagnosis, and what the confusion matrix was. This section would be a great place to put diagrams, graphs, and results of statistical tests. Think of it as both a data analysis and conclusion section.


If you have lengthy code, schematics, data flow diagrams, pictures of hardware, or application screenshots, please do compile them in an appendix. Please include descriptions of what you are depicting and its purpose in your project. Remember that you can also choose to incorporate short code, pictures, diagrams, and graphs throughout your report instead of placing everything in the appendix. However, if you have very lengthy code or large diagrams, please place them in the appendix.

Create Your Video

Your video should serve two purposes - to provide a visual depiction of your technology and to demonstrate your knowledge of it. Make sure you show your product working properly and then provide a brief description of how it works and what its purpose is. The video should be a condensed version of the rest of your report. It should be easy to understand and interesting. Have fun with this! Think of it as your product's pitch. Please put your video on YouTube or Vimeo and make sure its settings are set to public. Your video should be between 2 and 5 minutes in length.

Write Your Project Feature

Your project feature will not be judged. Once the submission period ends and finalists are selected, we will be posting one team's project feature each day to showcase your projects to the world. Features will be posted on the website as well as on our social media pages. Your feature should be succinct and exciting, but should also provide enough details so that readers can grasp the technical nature of your project and the social issue it addresses. Make sure to show your technology's intended impact and to indicate your chosen theme. Embedded pictures are encouraged! We may also post a link to your team's video with your project feature on our website and social media. Your project feature should be between 300 and 700 words in length.