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All projects will be judged based on the following criteria:


Projects must be the original work of the individual or team. That is not to say that they cannot incorporate or integrate multiple elements drawn from previous research done in the field. Doing so is perfectly acceptable. However, the idea of the project that the participants present must improve upon previously implemented solutions to the problem they are trying to solve. We want to see ideas that can revolutionize the future of modern technology!

Demonstration of Technical Knowledge

Participants must demonstrate that they have put a good amount of thought and time into their project and the best way to do this is by showing us how much you know about your topic of interest. Make sure that no matter how futuristic your idea may be, you have solid proof and evidence to show that it might actually be possible to implement it. Please make sure you put all references used in the ‘references’ section of the submission document. We highly recommend searching for and using scientific literature or other primary sources.


In any field and especially one as dynamic as technology, creativity is essential. Making your project especially creative will set it apart from the crowd. Show us how creative and forward-thinking you are by making these qualities stand out in your project. The greatest thinkers and leaders of today are the ones who were the most creative and innovative in their ideas.


It is important to make sure that no matter how creative or original your project is, it must be feasible. It is all right to submit something that would clearly not be able to be implemented with current technology, but you must show what steps need to be taken to get to a point where it could be. Make sure to mention in your project as to how your design or idea could be developed and what research would need to be done before that.


Projects must be clearly presented in writing. Although the video will not be weighted as heavily as the writing portions, it must still be able to be understood clearly. All portions of your project should be easily understandable as well as sophisticated.

Judging will NOT be subject to any form of bias. If you have any concerns, please send them to 

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