Current ProjectCSGIRLS Chapters

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Chapter Leader: Sofia Tomov


Description: Our ProjectCSGIRLS Knoxville chapter hosts computer science workshops intended to spark middle school girls' interest in computer science and empower them to solve challenging problems. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, with workshops held at the University of Tennessee, they teach girls how to code basic games in Python, learn about cybersecurity by cracking secret codes, and how they can manipulate pixel values to create unique photo filters. 

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oak ridge

Chapter Leader: Klara Proffen

Description: Our ProjectCSGIRLS Oak Ridge chapter works closely with Oak Ridge Computer Science Girls to bring coding and technology classes to middle school girls. Located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, they teach computer science classes, recruit high school girls to volunteer at ORCSGirls events, and promote the ProjectCSGIRLS competition in local middle schools. This chapter has hosted, and continues to host, several events throughout the year to teach middle school girls how to program virtual reality (VR) simulations and games.



Chapter Leader: JayLynn Cross

Description: Our ProjectCSGIRLS Tulsa chapter hosts computer science workshops to teach middle school girls how to code in different languages, learn how to work on cyber security problems, and find problems to address with computer science skills. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they host montly workshops in a public library or school in the Tulsa area.

new delhi

Chapter Leader: Wamika Bansal


Description: Our ProjectCSGIRLS New Delhi Chapter hosts workshops at schools around the city of New Delhi to introduce middle school girls to computer science. They use a combination of teaching basic programming languages and concepts (Scratch, C++, etc.) with addressing relevant social issues like education and public safety. 


Chapter Leader: Yamini Mathur

Description: Our ProjectCSGIRLS Gurgaon Chapter hosts workshops at schools around the city of Gurgaon to introduce middle school girls to computer science. Their workshops focus on helping middle school girls identify a social issue of relevance to their community, and then use computer science to address that issue. For example, they recently hosted a workshop on "Programming for Global Health" to teach girls how to use Python for global health projects.