What is a ProjectCSGIRLS Chapter?

A ProjectCSGIRLS chapter is an outreach program run by high school and/or college students focused on encouraging girls in computing through a tech plus social good model.

We define an outreach program very broadly - some of our suggestions for possible chapter-run programs include afterschool computer science clubs for girls, a hackathon for middle school girls, coding events for girls hosted at local libraries, a panel series of women in tech for girls in your community, and a mini-conference focused on showcasing the exciting possibilities of a career in tech to girls. Our only requirements are that your chapter 1) has a clear set of objectives, 2) is focused on teaching girls to use tech to address social issues, and 3) is led by high school and/or college students. These are just a few suggestions - the possibilities are endless! If you're interested in leading a chapter but are having trouble designing a program, our team will work with you to craft an appropriate chapter model. The infographic to the right details what kinds of support you will receive from ProjectCSGIRLS as a ProjectCSGIRLS Chapter Leader.

Though we are unable to offer financial support to our domestic (US-based) chapters at this time, our team has significant expertise in successfully applying to, and securing monetary grants and has connections to companies around the country that would likely be interested in sponsoring your chapter. So, if you need financial support, we will work with you to ensure that your chapter has the financial resources it needs to thrive.

How can you start a ProjectCSGIRLS Chapter?

We're excited to work with you! To start a ProjectCSGIRLS chapter, please fill out the brief form below. After you submit the form, our team will review your application and you will receive a confirmation from us within one week indicating if your chapter application has been successful. If you have any questions regarding chapter expectations or the application, reach out to info@projectcsgirls.com and a member of our Programs Team will be in touch!

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Please describe in detail what your chapter's goals will be as an outreach program to middle school girls, what the format of your event(s) will be, where your chapter will be located, what your chapter will do, and who will be responsible for leading your chapter.
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