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All participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation in ProjectCSGIRLS and an invitation to attend the awards gala in April. At the awards gala, participants will have the unique opportunity to meet other girls with similar interests and women who are some of the foremost leaders in their fields. Remember that this competition is not simply about the awards or recognition, but about building a love for computer science and developing the essential life skills that are necessary in the future.


A select number of participants will be selected as finalists as determined by the judging criteria (see the ‘Judging Criteria’ page). The number of finalists will vary depending on the number of participants. Three winners will be chosen from the finalists.


Three grand prize winners will be chosen from the pool of finalists. Both finalists and winners will be honored at the awards gala.

Awards Gala

The awards gala on March 30th is meant to introduce all participants to different opportunities in computer science and technology and will include guest speakers and a formal awards ceremony held in George Mason University from 12pm to 3pm. Parents, teachers, coaches, and friends are welcome to attend. The awards gala will also feature participants' projects on display and light refreshments.

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